Roles and Permissions

Recurly segments the admin console into different areas of access for maximum user control. You can assign a user to one or more role of the below sets of permissions for the appropriate site access. Users will not be able to see or access navigation menu items or pages they do not have access to.


Recurly User Permissions



There are two options for providing access to this section of the application:

  • Can Edit
    User has access to view and edit accounts, invoices and transactions. User can view (but not edit) subscription plans. This is the same is the previous “Customer Service” role.
  • Read Only
    User has access to view accounts, invoices, transactions and subscription plans but cannot edit, delete or add to any of the above. Can only add account notes. Cannot access the links for hosted account management or billing information updates.


User has access to view and export all data under Analytics navigation section



User has access to to view and edit Company Settings, Email Templates, Site Settings, Payment Gateway, Hosted Payments Pages, Coupons, Dunning Management, and Analytics Settings.



User has access to view and edit Webhooks, API keys, and Recurly Integrations to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Automated Exports and Mailchimp.



User can manage their company’s billing information, account settings and user accounts.