How Do I Test My Avalara Integration?

You can test your integration on a sandbox site. Configure your sandbox site following all of the instructions here. When you enter your Avalara AvaTax credentials, you will use the development environment option.

  • You will not be able to commit paid invoices to Avalara in sandbox mode.
  • If you test on the same site that you are going to move to production, make sure you switch the environment to production on your Avalara AvaTax credentials page after you move your Recurly site to production mode.

IMPORTANT: We send the invoice number to your Avalara AvaTax account. If the invoice number already exists in your AvaTax "company", the invoice will be rejected and no taxes will be applied. This may happen if you use multiple sites with the same Avalara AvaTax account and company configured, or if you move to production in Recurly, which starts your invoice numbering over again. If this error occurs, you will see this error message:

A duplicate tax document exists. If in Sandbox mode, please clear test data

If you need to use the same Avalara AvaTax account with multiple Recurly sites, you will need to setup a separate company for each Recurly site in your AvaTax account and then configure the specific company code in your Avalara credentials in each Recurly site.