When you initiate a refund attempt, Recurly will generate an invoice immediately, but the actual processing of the refund transaction takes additional time. If Check Commerce decides to decline the refund during processing, the original refund invoice will be marked as failed and the merchant may attempt a refund again. A Payment Refunded email will be sent as soon as a refund is initiated and states that the refund will take 4 business days to process. If the refund declines, the customer will not get another email.

ACH transactions in a scheduled state can be voided. The 'scheduled' state means that the transaction has not yet been sent to the banking system. Once the transaction is sent to the banking system, the transaction state will change to 'processing' and can no longer be voided or refunded. ACH transactions can only be voided in the UI, not the API.

When an ACH payment is voided, the related invoice will move to a Past Due state. If an ACH refund is voided, the related refund invoice will move to a Failed state, and a new refund can be issued from the original payment invoice. In both cases, the customer will not be emailed.