How can I create custom fields in Recurly?

Users with the Configuration role can create custom field definitions on their Recurly site. A custom field definition will enable Custom Field Values to be collected on the account or subscription.

Navigate to Configuration > Custom Fields > Create Custom field to begin the process.

These fields are available on the custom fields definition:

  • API Field Name: this is the ID which will be used in the API to refer to this custom field. This field cannot contain spaces and can only use numbers, letters, dashes, and underscores.
  • Recurly Object: this will govern the object on which the Custom Field is created - either the account or subscription object.
  • Admin Console Access: this option will govern how the field appears in the Recurly UI. Choosing to hide the field from the Admin Console will make the field only editable or viewable in the API. Choosing "Read-only in the Admin Console" will make the field viewable in the UI, but only editable in the API. Selecting "Editable in the Admin Console" will allow the field to be viewed and edited in both the UI and API.
  • Admin Console Field Name: if you select to allow the field to be edited or viewed in the Admin Console, it is required to pass a name for the field in the Admin Console.
  • Tooltip Description: this field will be shown in the Admin Console to add context to the field for users to understand the purpose of the field.