What are the different ACH Transaction Statuses?

Unlike credit card transactions which return an instant success or decline response ACH transaction require time to be processed, as a result they are some additional transaction statuses that apply only to ACH transactions.

Pending: This is an internal status indicating that a transaction has been created in our system. This a very brief state that quickly moves into Scheduled. If an transaction is in the Pending state for an extended length of time please contact Recurly support. One reason for an ACH transaction to remain in a pending state is if the invoice contains more than 100 line items. If this is the case, please contact Recurly Support for assistance.

Scheduled: A transaction moves from Pending into the Scheduled state. This transaction is now being validated and scheduled with Check Commerce for processing in the near future. In this current state Check Commerce did not begin processing so you may be able to void a transaction in this state (note: voids for ACH are only supported in the UI, not the API).

Processing: Once the transaction validated and queued up in the system, the transaction moves into the Processing state. During this state, Check Commerce is actively working with the banking system to settle funds. The transaction cannot be modified during this state. You would not be able to void the transactions in the processing state instead you would need for it to settle and refund if needed. 

From processing it would be into either a successful or declined transaction status. This can take a while as check commerce works to process and settle the transaction. Once a transaction has been submitted to Check Commerce, marking the invoice to stop collecting will not stop the transaction processing. You will need to void the transaction (if possible) or refund the transaction after it's successfully processed.