Your payment gateway is key to success at Recurly, so spend time getting this just right.





Your payment gateway will provide you with a set of credentials, usually called API credentials. Contact your gateway for instructions if you do not already have this data. You will need to select your supported currencies and card types.



Once you have your credentials entered, run a test transaction to validate a basic transaction (please note this is not 100% accurate in all cases, but a good indicator of successful integration).


Account Updater

Enable Recurly's Account Updater functionality. You can learn more about this feature here.



Validate your address requirements (see site settings) with your gateway AVS controls. Make sure you are passing through all the information your gateway requires.



If your gateway supports Zero Dollar Authorizations, you may enable this functionality.


Apply for ACH

ACH is handled by our partner, Check Commerce. Please note ACH applications can take around 6 weeks and require significant data to process. Start early!