What are Zero Dollar Authorizations (ZDAs)?

Whenever a client enters in new billing information we attempt to process a $1 verification transactions to validate the billing information (this charge gets voided so the clients doesn't get billed). This is done simply to validate that the billing information is valid. Some payment gateways can be configured for Zero Dollar Authorizations (ZDA), bypassing the default $1.00 authorization for billing information updates instead using a $0 authorization. ZDA transactions can only be processed when billing address information is present and your payment gateway supports this authorization type for the specific card type. We generally suggest discussing this with your payment gateway to see if it is supported and if so for what card types.

You would want to first be sure your payment gateway supports ZDA for each card type you are looking to enable it on, after you enable the setting for ZDA we suggest testing a billing update for each of the card types to ensure it works correctly, enabled ZDA for a card type that your gateway doesn't support ZDA for could cause the authorization to fail.

Please Note: For Zero Dollar Authorizations to work correctly the full billing address must be present. If the billing address is not present it will revert to the default $1 authorization.