What happens if the Payment Gateway is Down/Unreachable?

In the event that your Payment Gateway goes down temporarily/ is unreachable Recurly will automatically retry your recurring transactions every 2--4 hours until either the gateway is reached or a maximum of 20 payment failures occurs.

The invoice will be put in a pending state and our system will continue to attempt collection. They are a few different types of gateway errors that can occur, each having their own retry logic around them.

Declines with the error: Try Again/Gateway Error 
Will be Retried: Every 2 days*

Declines with the error: Issuer or Gateway Unavailable
Will be Retried: Every 3 days*

Declines with the error: Communication/Configuration Error
Will be Retried: First retry up to 2 times, 4 hours apart
                       Next retry up to 6 times, 1 day apart
                       Finally retry through end of dunning cycle, 3 days* apart

With these types of gateway errors we stop attempting collection after a total of 20 attempts.