Can Multiple Gateways Be Used In Recurly?

Yes - Since Recurly stores all of the billing information and subscription information it allows you to easily connect multiple gateways and route transactions accordingly. 

For accounts with multiple gateways configured, Recurly will route transactions based on accepted card type and currency. Beyond those settings, if all of the added gateways in your site support the same currency and card type, by default Recurly will send the transaction to the gateway first added to the account.

A payment gateway can be enabled or disabled at any time to allow transactions to flow to another gateway. Simply enter the gateway edit page (under configurations -> payment gateways, select your desired gateway and under the options drop down select edit gateway). From there you check or uncheck Enabled for New Transactions. You can use that to switch/route between different gateways on your Recurly site as needed.

Merchants on Recurly’s Professional and Enterprise plans also have access to our Custom Gateway Routing functionality which allow you to route transactions to a specific payment gateway using a gateway code/identifier.