How do I use multiple coupons in a multiple subscription purchase?

If you allow Multiple Subscriptions in a purchase in addition to multiple coupons per account, below are some rules around how both interplay with each other.


Coupon Setting

If you enable your coupon settings to allow Multiple Coupons Per Account, we will allow your customers to redeem more than one coupon in a [multiple subscription ( purchase or hybrid purchase. This is the default behavior of the feature and cannot be configured to limit one coupon per purchase invoice. If you would like to limit a discount to a single subscription in the purchase, but would like to allow multiple active coupons on customer accounts, use our Subscription Level coupon option to tie a coupon discount to a specific subscription plan.

If this setting is not enabled, then only one coupon is ever allowed on an account at a time.


Order of Application

When you enable Multiple Coupons Per Account, you need to decide in what order you would like us to apply percentage discounts and fixed amount discounts in the event both discount types are eligible for a single line item on an invoice. In this particular case of multiple coupons being applied to multiple subscriptions or a hybrid purchase, we will preserve the order of coupon application that is configured in your coupon settings. Coupons that are for configured for one-time purchases, will apply based on what type of discount (percentage or fixed amount).


Subscription level coupon application

  • Multiple subscription level coupons that are redeemed in a purchase where >1 subscription in eligible, the coupons will apply to the first eligible and more expensive subscription (if applicable)
  • If a subscription level coupon is redeemed in a purchase but it's eligible subscription is already entirely discounted (presumably by other coupons or credits), the coupon will still be redeemed to the subscription without applying a discount and should remain active and unused until the subscriptions next invoice.
  • Subscription-level coupons that are fixed amount, will not carry over any leftover discount to other eligible subscriptions

Account Level Coupon Application

Fixed amount account level

  • A fixed amount, account level coupon, that is eligible to all plans and one time charges will apply first to a setup fee if there is one, and then other setup fees - if there is additional discount remaining, first subscription plan, and work it's way down the plan fees and then the adjustments if the discount can.

  • If an account level coupon is redeemed in a purchase but it's eligible charge(s) are already entirely discounted, the coupon will be redeemed to the account and should remain active and unused until the next invoice