What data is in the Subscription Add-ons Export?

The Subscription Add-On export contains information about all subscription add-ons created during a period of time.

This export only reports on add-ons that are currently attached to subscriptions. If an add-on has been removed from a subscription, the add-on will not be included in the export


Time Range Filter

Uses the subscription activated_at date. In other words, will export all ACTIVE subscription add ons on subscriptions activated between the start date and end date.


Export Contents

Column Name Description
subscription_uuid 5eg5bcc7ef8211e0a908005056b00005
add_on_add_on_code extra
subscription_add_on_quantity 1
subscription_add_on_unit_amount_in_cents 500
subscription_add_on_created_at 2014-01-07 23:54:41 PST
subscription_add_on_modified_at 2014-01-07 23:54:41 PST
subscription_add_on_deleted_at 2014-01-07 23:54:41 PST
account_code Video Streaming
add_on_name fixed, usage
subscription_currency USD
subscription_add_on_percentage 4.5
measured_unit_internal_name Bandwidth Units
measured_unit_display_name GB