What data is in the Gift Cards Export?

The Gift Cards export includes a row for every purchased gift card on your site. Here you can see what gift card amounts are most popular, who is purchasing the most gift cards, who is redeeming gift cards, and what gift cards haven't been redeemed or still have remaining balances. To access the Gift Cards export, visit the Exports page under Reports in your Recurly site.


Time Period



When the gift card was purchased.



When the gift card changed, which could be a resent email, edited delivery information, regenerated redemption code, cancelation, redemption, or change in balance.



When the gift card was redeemed on an account.



The last time Recurly sent the Gift Card Delivery email to the delivery email address.



When the gift card was canceled.


Export Contents

Column Name Example Description
id 2003020297591186183 The unique id of the gift card.
redemption_code 518822D87268C142 The redemption code, which the recipient uses to redeem the gift card credit.
amount 50.00 The amount of the gift card.
balance 40.00 The remaining balance of the gift card. Will be empty if redeemed_atis null. Will be 0.00 if gift card credit has been completely used up.
currency USD The currency of the amount and balance.
gifter_account_code 3345634 The account code of the gifter's account.
purchase_invoice_number 1001 The invoice number of the gift card purchase on the gifter's account.
purchase_adjustment_uuid 385a6a380e8228b298d8d7414183a8e1 The unique id of the gift card charge on the purchase invoice.
recipient_account_code 3345700  The account code of the recipient's account.
recipient_adjustment_uuid 387fbbdcdbd2473d4f6a3e480cb6f966 The unique id of the gift card redemption credit. This is the original gift card credit.
created_at 2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTC The date the gift card was purchased by the gifter.
updated_at 2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTC The date the gift card was last modified. Will equal created_atinitial creation.
delivered_at 2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTC The last date Recurly sent the Gift Card Delivery email to the email address in the gift card's delivery information.
redeemed_at 2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTC The date the gift card was redeemed on the recipient's account.
canceled_at 2016-09-02 15:53:18 UTC The date the gift card was canceled. If empty, the gift card has not been canceled.
account_vat_number US1234567890 VAT number, verified by VIES (on production sites).
account_tax_exempt TRUE, FALSE Identifies if the account is set as exempt from tax collection.
delivery_method email, post The method of delivery, either email or post.
delivery_first_name John The first name of the recipient.
delivery_last_name Smith The last name of the recipient.
delivery_email_address john@example.com The email address of the recipient.
delivery_deliver_at    Will have a value if a future delivery date was specified. This feature is not yet supported, so it will be empty always.
delivery_address1 123 Main Street The first street address of the recipient.
delivery_address2 Apt 100 The second street address of the recipient.
delivery_city Los Angeles The city of the recipient.
delivery_state 94110 The zip/postal code of the recipient.
delivery_country USA The country of the recipient.
delivery_phone 8003334444 The phone number of the recipient.
delivery_gifter_name Sally The gifter name, if provided.
delivery_personal_message Hi John, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Love, Sally The personal message from the gifter to the recipient.
redemption_invoice_number 1001 If the Credit Invoices feature is enabled, this is the credit invoice issued when the gift card was redeemed. Credit Invoices is currently in beta. Contact Recurly Support to learn more.