What data is in the Coupon - Redemptions export?

This export lists all account redemptions of coupons on your site. The time range reflects the date the redemption was created, which is the 'applied_at' column in the export. There currently isn't a way to filter this export by a specific coupon before downloading the csv.


Export Contents


Column Name Example Description
coupon_code 5off The code the customer entered to redeem the coupon.
account_code 123456789, janedoe@gmail.com The account code for the account the coupon code was redeemed on.
discount 5 The fixed amount discount rule for the coupon. The currency of the discount is reflected in the currency column. This value will remain 0 if the coupon was a percentage discount coupon.
discount_percent 5 The percentage discount rule for the coupon. This value will be 0 if the coupon was a fixed amount discount coupon.
total_discount 100.5 The total amount discounted on the account to date from the coupon redemption.

2013-01-02 06:21:14 PST

The date and time the coupon was redeemed on the account. Used for date range filter.
expires_at 2014-01-02 06:21:14 PST The date and time the redemption naturally expires on the account after its duration length.
timeframe forever The duration of the coupon.
uuid 306f7937d86f088f046dd945a1a24df2 The unique id for the coupon redemption.
currency USD The currency of the total_discount and discount column.
coupon_id 1313528357303980000 The unique identifier for the coupon associated with the redemption. Useful for joining data from the Coupons export.
subscription_id 306f7937d86f088f046dd945a1a24df2 The uuid of the subscription tied to the redemption on a customer's account. This value will only exist if the coupon was subscription-level.
coupon_type single code, bulk The type of coupon, which can be a single code coupon or a bulk coupon that has multiple unique codes.
discount_type  percent, fixed_amount, free_trial Whether the coupon is a percent off, amount off, or custom trial
free_trial_coupon_amount 14 If the discount_type is "free_trial", the number associated with the unit period (e.g. - 14 days would have "14" here)
free_trial_coupon_unit day, week, month If the discount_type is "free_trial", the period associated with the amount (e.g. - 14 days would have "day" here)