How to add a Payment Gateway to Recurly?

To add a payment gateway to your Recurly site, first make sure that you have filled out your company location information under your Site Settings here. (This step is important as it determines what payment gateways will be available to you).

Once you have done that navigate to Configurations -> Payment Gateways (direct link here). From there, click on add payment gateway on the top right hand side. 

From that list you can select the desired payment gateway you are looking to add. Once you select a payment gateway it will prompt you to enter your gateway credentials in order to connect and successfully send transactions over to process. These are typically not the credentials you use to access your virtual terminal or log in to your gateway account but instead a set of API credentials, see our documentation for additional instructions on how to obtain the credentials or a specific gateway.

Then, you can set your accepted card types. Recurly will be able to collect payments from any card type supported by your payment gateway---the one exception are Maestro cards, which cannot be used for recurring transactions. You would want to double check with your payment gateway for which cards they support and if they want you to enable ZDA (zero dollar authorizations) for any of the specific card types. 

Once you fill out all the required fields, you can add the gateway and preform a gateway configuration test. if that appears successful, you can then attempt to process an actual transaction to fully test the gateway connection (you can void the transaction after your test it).