What data is in the Accounts export?

The Accounts export provides information about each unique account.


Account Status Filter



Accounts that are not closed.



Open accounts with no active subscriptions.



Open accounts with at least one active subscription.



Subscribers with at least one subscription in trial mode.



Subscribers with an invoice in the past-due state.



Subscribers that won't renew after the current term.



Accounts with a subscription that hasn't yet started.



Accounts that aren't Open.


Time Range Filter



Accounts that were created during selected time range



Accounts that were modified during selected time range


Export Contents


Column Name Example Description
account_code 123456789, janedoe@gmail.com Account_code uniquely identifies your customers inside of Recurly. This field defaults to email address, if no specific value is provided. Account_code cannot be modified. This is the main Recurly identifier, and can be used to join multiple exports.
account_email test@example.com Optional, Email address provided by the customer during signup. This email address is used for all customer communication. If no email address is provided, the customer will not be emailed, and any emails will be sent to your site's billing contact instead.
account_username jjsmith Optional, this field allows you to import a username that a customer might have to access your product
account_company_name Bluth Industries, Inc. Optional, this field identifies the company name provided.
account_first_name JJ Customer first name.
account_last_name Smith Customer last name.
account_has_billing_info TRUE, FALSE This field identifies the presence of billing information on the account.
account_created_at 2012-06-27 03:47:28 PDT This field identifies the date/time a customer's account was created. Used for created date range filter.
account_address1 1234 Main St Account-level address information.
account_address2 Suite #123 Account-level address information.
account_city San Francisco Account-level address information.
account_state CA Account-level address information
account_postal_code 94105 Account-level address information.
account_country US Account-level address information.
account_phone 4155559876 Account-level phone contact
account_vat_number US1234567890 VAT number, verified by VIES (on production sites).
account_tax_exempt TRUE, FALSE Identifies if the account is set as exempt from tax collection.
modified_at 2014-01-01 10:00:00 PST This field identifies the date/time a customer's account was last updated. Used for modified date range filter. 
tax_location_valid TRUE, FALSE Indicates if account passed tax location validation. This column is only visible if your site has European Union VAT or New Zealand GST Location Validation enabled.
account_closed_at 2014-01-01 10:00:00 PST Date/time that the account was closed. For accounts that have been closed more than once, this will reference the date of the most recent closure.
account_acquisition_cost account_acquisition_cost This field is used to capture the cost to acquire a customer. This field can be passed in from marketing or CRM systems.
account_acquisition_currency USD This field captures the currency for the Customer Acqusition Cost.
account_acquisition_channel Referral This field captures the marketing channel through which the customer was acquired. You can use this field to track the cost or revenue by acquisition channel.
account_acquisition_subchannel Facebook This is a free-form field to capture with more detail the channel through which a customer was aquired.
account_acquisition_campaign 12345 This is a free-form field to capture the Marketing Campaign ID from your marketing system or internal campaign-tracking tool.
account_acquisition_created_at 2014-01-01 10:00:00 PST When acquisition data was added to the account for the first time.
account_acquisition_modified_at 2014-01-01 10:00:00 PST When acquisition data on the account was last updated.
location_validation_tax_type eu, nz  The region of the tax location validation run on the account. eureferences the European Union VAT Location Validation. nzreferences the New Zealand GST Location Validation. This column is only visible if your site has European Union VAT or New Zealand GST Location Validation enabled.


Account v3

Version created - 9/13/18
Version updates Summary

  • Column addition for Account Hierarchy feature (not yet available)
  • The name of the new column is parent_account_code.
  • This column will allow you to identify the parent of an account, if there is one
  • Column will be present for all sites but only present a value if feature is being used

Account v2

Version created - 9/6/18
Version updates Summary

  • Column additions for Custom Fields
  • Each Custom Field will be added as the last column in the export
  • The name of the column will begin with "custom_field" and append the API name to the end
  • Custom fields will only be included at the end of the export if the setting for exports is enabled on the custom field definition