How do I export a list of my unique coupon codes?

To export a full list of your unique codes, click the Export button at the top right of the bulk coupon's Coupon Overview page. This will take you to the Exports page under Configuration and will automatically select the Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes export, the internal name of your bulk coupon from the dropdown, and the All Time time range. Click the "Download CSV File". The export will show you all of your unique codes and their redemption information.

  • Export on "Created" will show unique codes created in the date range. Filter to a specific date range to isolate unique codes added to the campaign at a specific time.
  • Export on "Modified" will show unique codes created, redeemed, or manually expired in the date range.

How to report on unique code redemptions within a specific time range

This export will list all unique codes for the bulk coupon that were redeemed within the time range, who redeemed the code, when, and how much the code has discounted the account to date.

  1. Use the Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes export and select your bulk coupon from the dropdown.
  2. Set Export on to "Modified".
  3. Set Time Range to the date range you want.
  4. Download the CSV
  5. Filter out all rows that don't have a value in applied_at
  6. Sort the applied_at date and remove any rows where the date is outside of your time range. These rows mean the unique code was manually expired in the time range.