What is the Hybrid checkout billing model?


The new Hybrid Billing Model combines Fixed Recurring with One-Time. Hybrid Checkout allows for subscriptions and custom charges (non-recurring product) to be purchased together in a single transaction. This will be supported only through our API using the purchaseendpoint.



  • Physical Goods: BirchBox charges $30/month subscription and offers one-time products such as $25/makeup bag, $15/brush kit, etc.
  • Digital Goods: Streaming service charges $39.99/month and offers one-time products such as movies or TV show seasons.


Hybrid checkout introduces the concept of a "purchase" which can include recurring and non-recurring product. It allows you to incorporate subscriptions with custom charges.

To use the hybrid model in your checkout flow you will need to use our API. In the request, you can submit a subscription with one or many adjustments on a new or existing account. The subscription and adjustment(s) will appear as line items on a single invoice, which are collected immediately. A purchase transaction is a single transaction to the gateway and if successful, will update or create an account in Recurly. If the transaction fails, the request will roll back.

If you are interested in a Hybrid Checkout, you can find more information in Purchases for an all in one endpoint.