What is the One-time charge billing model?




  • IoT: Nest charges $199 for a camera and $100/year for video history
  • Gym Membership: 24 Hour Fitness charges a $149.99 setup fee and $49.99/month membership
  • Web store: A jewelry-borrowing subscription service offers members the option to purchase a broader selection of jewelry from their web store.


One-time charges can be incorporated in plans in two different ways. Each plan can have one set-up fee. This is great for the 24 Hour Fitness example above or any traditional one-time service fee.

If you have one-time physical products, like the Nest example above, you can either use the plan set-up fee, or create adjustments that get bundled with the subscription sign-up. To use adjustments, in your checkout flow, create an adjustment on the account for the physical product right before you allow the subscription sign-up to go through. This will allow the adjustment to be included on the same invoice as the subscription.

Learn more about creating custom one time charges here.