Recurly offers a variety of ways to export your data. This page will give you a high-level overview of how to retrieve exports, what each export does, and some tips on how to use them. If you're interested in learning about each export in detail, please see below.

  • All of the exports listed in the below section are available through the admin console and the Recurly API.

  • See the Export Versions section for information about how changes to individual exports will create new versions of that export.

  • See the  section for more information about access via the Recurly API.


Export Name Export Description
Accounts Account-level information.
Account Notes Account notes that have been created on accounts.
Accounts Receivable All unpaid invoices and associated aging of receivables.
Adjustments Each charge and credit adjustment, including tax information broken down by jurisdiction (country, state/province, county, city, special).
Adjustments - Coupons

Each charge and credit adjustment broken out by discount per coupon redemption.

This export will only show on the Exports page if you have Multiple Coupons Per Account enabled under Coupon Settings.

Billing Info Billing information associated with accounts.
Coupons All coupons that are set-up on the site.
Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes All unique codes for a bulk coupon.
Coupon Redemptions All redemptions of coupons.
Gift Cards All purchased gift cards.
Invoices - Summary Invoice header information and summary totals.
Revenue Recognition Schedules

A Revenue waterfall for your charges on a monthly basis.

*This export will only show on the Exports page if the site has the Revenue Recognition feature enabled

Subscriptions Your customers' subscriptions to your plans.
Subscriptions - Churned Subscriptions that have expired and are no longer active.
Subscription Add-ons All subscription add-ons.
Usage Records Usage records logged for your customer's usage-based subscription add-ons.
Transactions Data sent to the payment gateway when processing a transaction.























Deprecated Exports

Export Name Export Description
Invoices(Deprecated) Note- this export is no longer actively maintained. It has now been replaced by two exports: Invoices- Summary and Adjustments

Once your site has moved over to use credit invoices, this export will no longer be available.


Exporting Data via the Admin Console

Exports can be generated through the admin console. When you generate an export, you can also select a date range for the information you want to receive.

Once you request the export, the request will begin processing. You can view the status of your request on the export page. Once your request


Examples: All accounts created in May

  1. Navigate to Analytics-> Exports.
  2. Change the date range to be May 1 - May 31st.
  3. Select Accounts and leave All chosen.
  4. Click Request Export

Example: All subscriptions that have expired

  1. Navigate to Analytics -> Exports.
  2. Leave the date range as All Time.
  3. Select Subscriptions - Churned.
  4. Click Request Export

Example: All coupons redeemed in July

  1. Navigate to Analytics -> Exports.
  2. Change the date range to be July 1 - July 31st
  3. Select Coupon Redemptions.
  4. Click Request Export.

Helpful tips: combining exports

Sometimes, the information you need will be split across more than one export. Excel will allow you to perform a join, and combine the exports. For instructions on combining exports, please see this video.