What is the Billing Info report?

This export identifies the billing information and method of payment associated with a given account.


Account Status Filter



Accounts that are not closed.



Open accounts with no active subscriptions.



Open accounts with at least one active subscription.



Accounts with at least one subscription in trial mode.



Account with an invoice in the past-due state.



Accounts with subscriptions that won't renew after the current billing cycle (i.e. recently-canceled).



Accounts with a subscription that hasn't yet started.


Time Range Filter

Uses the "created_at" field from this export. This exports data for accounts where billing information was added during the selected time range.


Export Contents


Column Name Example Description
account_code 123456789, janedoe@gmail.com Account_code uniquely identifies your customers inside of Recurly. This field defaults to email address, if no specific value is provided. Account_code cannot be modified. This is the main Recurly identifier, and can be used to join multiple exports.
billing_first_name JJ Customer's first name, as supplied with their billing information.
billing_last_name Smith Customer's last name, as supplied with their billing information.
company Bluth Industries, Inc. Identifies the company name provided with customer billing information.
billing_address1 123 Main Street Customer billing address information.
billing_address2 Suite 300 Customer billing address information.
billing_city San Francisco Customer billing address information.
billing_state CA Customer billing address information.
billing_postal_code 91191 Customer billing address information.
billing_country USA  Customer billing address information.
billing_phone 555-2368 Customer billing phone contact.
account _email test@example.com Customer contact info.
cc_type visa/master/discover/
Identifies card type stored on customer's account.
cc_last_four 1111 Last four digits of the credit card number stored on customer's account.
expire_month 4 Expiration date of the credit card stored on customer's account.
expire_year 2020 Expiration year of the credit card stored on customer's account.
billing_ vat_number IE213123123 (for EU companies), VAT number provider by customer.
created_at 2011-08-15 Date customer's billing information was added to the account. Used for date range filter.
updated_at 2013-09-12 Date customer's billing information was last updated on the account
Payment_method CreditCard / PayPal/
Roku/ Amazon / Bank Account / paypal_braintree, jcb,
qiwiwallet, etc.
Identifies by which method the customer is paying
maintenance_url app.recurly.com/account/sdasdasd Link to the customer's hosted account maintenance URL.
ip_address    99.89.1010.0101 the ip address captured at the time billing information was entered
ip_address_count United States the country associated with the ip addressed captured at the time billing information was entered