Coupons can expire automatically based on the rules you set for the coupon campaign, or you can choose to manually expire the coupon. Expiring a coupon blocks customers from redeeming the coupon. Customers who have already redeemed the coupon are not affected. Their active redemptions will continue to discount their accounts.


Expire Early

Coupons can be manually expired in an action we call Expire Early. To expire a coupon, visit the coupon's overview page and select Expire Early in the top right corner. This will ask you if you are sure you want to expire the coupon. Once you confirm, the coupon will expire immediately and will now live in the Expired Coupons table on the coupons dashboard.


Automatically Expire

Coupons will automatically expire if you set a redeem by date or maximum redemptions and either of those limitations are reached. The redeem by date will expire at 11:59 PDT on the day you select. The maximum redemptions will expire the coupon as soon as the last redemption in the limit is successful.

Bulk coupons with all unique codes redeemed will be considered Expired in the UI, even though their true status is active in the API.


Reuse a Coupon Code

If a coupon is expired early or reaches it's maximum redemptions, the coupon code may be reused when creating a new coupon. Any existing customers with active redemptions from the original coupon on their account will be grandfathered into the terms of the old coupon. For instance, you can create a coupon for $12 off and then expire it and create a new one with the same coupon code with a price of $15 off. Any customers that redeemed the original coupon will remain at the $12 discount unless you remove the coupon from their account and re-add it.

If a coupon expired by reaching it's redeem by date, you will not be able to reuse the coupon code.