What is the Subscribers Report?

Monitor the number of new, churned, returning and net total subscribers over time to understand subscriber growth trends. 

This report is only available to sites on Recurly’s Professional or Enterprise 2016 plans. Please contact support if you are interested in access to this section.


The Subscribers Report calculates the total number of active accounts and subscribers over a selected time period.

What's included in the report?

  • The Subscriber count includes all open accounts with at least one active or canceled , canceled or paused subscription.

  • Accounts includes all open accounts regardless of whether it has an active, canceled, or future subscription.

Ways to use

This report can help answer questions like:

  • Am I signing people up fast enough?
  • Is my number of subscribers growing over time?

Subscriber Growth

The Subscriber Growth Report calculates the number of new subscribers, returning subscribers and churned subscribers and the Net positive or negative change over a selected time period

What's included in the report?

  • A subscriber is considered "new" if he or she is creating their first subscription.
  • A subscriber is considered "returning" if he or she was previously a subscriber, churned for at least 1 day, and has now opened a new subscription. Either subscription could be/ have been in trial or on any plan and the subscriber is still considered returning.
  • A subscriber is considered "churned" if he or she had a subscription(s) previously but now all subscriptions have expired.
  • Net = number of new subscribers + number of returning subscribers - number of churned subscribers
  • When a subscriber adds another subscription(s) or cancels one subscription but still has remaining subscription(s), it does not impact this report.

Ways to use

  • Understand if there is seasonality to subscriber churn
  • Monitor growth to understand if marketing or promotional efforts are impacting new or returning subscribers counts.