To create a new coupon, click the New Coupon button at the top right on in the Coupons dashboard. You will see a form with the following fields:

Internal Name

The Internal Name is an identifier you can use within your company to remember which coupon campaign is which. This name will never be shown to customers, unless you choose to include the field through the API or email parameters. We recommend setting up a naming convention within your company to help differentiate similar campaigns. Internal Name is not a unique field and can share the same name across coupon campaigns, but we suggest you use a unique name to make referencing the campaign easier.


The coupon code is the code that your customers will enter to redeem the coupon. You will need to distribute the code to your customers. You can create one code that all customers redeem by selecting "Single Code", or you can create many unique codes by selecting "Bulk unique codes". Coupon codes are limited to a maximum of 50 characters.

Single Code
The coupon code you specify must be unique across your redeemable coupons. You can only reuse a coupon code if that coupon code exists on a coupon that was either manually expired or it reached it's maximum redemptions. If the coupon expired by reaching it's redeem by date, it cannot be reused.

Coupon codes can be alphanumeric and may include a dash (-), underscore (_), or a plus sign (+).

Bulk Unique Codes
To learn about creating unique codes for your coupon campaign, read our Bulk Unique Coupons documentation.