On the Coupons dashboard you will see a button at the top right called Settings. On the Settings page we offer some site level coupon options:

Multiple Coupons Per Account

By default, Recurly only allows one active coupon redemption on an account at a time. Here you can enable the ability for multiple coupon redemptions to be active on an account at one time. To learn more about multiple coupons on accounts and how that affects discounts on invoices, read our Multiple Coupons Per Account feature documentation.

One-Time Charges

By default, Recurly's coupons only discount plan charges: setup, plan, and add-on fees. In Coupon Settings you have the option to allow coupons to be created with a discount that applies to one-time charges. Once enabled, the New Coupon form will show a section called Eligible Charges. There you can select any configuration of one-time charges and or plans.

One-time charges is a setting because most Recurly merchants do not create one-time charges. To avoid confusion on the New Coupon form, we have elected to have merchants decide if one-time charges are a part of their business and a type of charge they would want to discount.