How often do you update Recurly Analytics?

Data is updated once a day to include data up to yesterday at midnight, as calculated in your site's configured timezone. When data has been updated in the report, the date stamp at the bottom of the page will update to say "Displaying data through [insert yesterday's date]"


  • Today is Aug 4th, 2017.
  • When I view my Analytics reports at 7 a.m., I see the following phrase "Displaying data through Aug 2nd, 2017. Calculated in PDT." That means that the reports include data up to midnight on August 2nd but have not yet updated with data from August 3rd. This is still in process.
  • I come back later in the day and the data has now been updated! I see the following phrase at the bottom "Displaying data through Aug 3rd, 2017. Calculated in PDT." I know this means the reports include data up through yesterday at midnight.