What is the basic recurring subscription billing model?

Fixed Recurring

The fixed recurring model bills a set amount upfront on a recurring basis. This model does not have a concept of quantity.



  • Digital Content: Netflix charges $7.99/month
  • Box-of-the-Month: Birchbox charges $10/month or $110/year
  • Video Conferencing: GoToMeeting charges $39/month


In its most simple version, this model is a plan with just a base recurring charge. If you are using our Hosted Payment Pages you will want to keep "Editable Quantity" not selected, so your subscribers do not have the ability to set a quantity at sign-up.

You may want to incorporate fixed-price add-ons, which are additional recurring charges you can include in your plan as either required or optional fees to your subscribers. For example, you could include an optional fixed-price add-on for "premium support" that bills each month in addition to your base charge.

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