Can I require Single Sign On (SSO) on a new user?

When SSO is enabled for your site, any time you invite a user to join your site, your invitation will default to requiring that they use SSO to login to Recurly. You can uncheck that option on the invitation if you wish.

  • Assuming that you send the invitation with the SSO option selected:
    • Be sure that the user also has access to Recurly through your identity provider
    • The user will receive an email from Recurly inviting them to join your site
    • If they accept the invitation, they will be notified that they will be required to use SSO to login
  • Note: if the user already had an account in Recurly, and was already using SSO to access Recurly, they will continue to do so, using the SSO identity provider that they were previously using.
    • For users on your site, you can see which site is the one requiring them to use SSO by clicking on their user profile. If a different site is the site that is requiring them to use SSO, you'll see the details on their profile: