How can I add Single Sign On (SSO) to an existing user?

Now that you have enabled SSO for your site, you can now start updating existing users to require them to use SSO to login to Recurly.

  • Navigate to the /users page for your site
  • Select a user that you want to update to require them to use SSO to login
  • Select the "Single Sign-On" radio button
  • Click "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page
  • If the user is currently using 2-factor authentication, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to disable 2FA and replace it with SSO.

If you save the changes,

  • Recurly will log the user out of any current session on Recurly
  • Recurly will send the user an email notifying them that SSO is now required for their Recurly login
  • The user can log back in to Recurly either by clicking on the link in the email they receive, by navigating to, or by logging into their identity provider and clicking on the Recurly tile.
  • You will also notice on the users page for your site a "Security" column in the table of users. Look for "SSO" or "2FA" to see if the user is using either SSO or 2FA. If you see nothing in that column, it means they are simply using their email and password to login.