How do I set up Single Sign On (SSO)?

Step 1. Add the Recurly application to your Okta instance and assign the appropriate people

  • Login to Okta as an Okta Administrator, and navigate to the "Admin" section
  • Click "Add Application"
  • Search for and add "Recurly"
  • Configure the "General" settings however you want
  • On the "Sign-On Options" page, upload the Recurly certificate
  • The final step to take in Okta is to assign the Recurly App to the appropriate people

Step 2. Configure the SAML credentials in Recurly

  • In Okta, click on "Sign On" tab and then click on "View Setup Instructions"
  • In Recurly, navigate to the site you want to be the site that enforces users to use SSO
  • Navigate to the Users page for that site
  • Click the "Configure Single Sign-On" button
  • Copy the SAML configurations over from Okta to Recurly as directed by the Okta instructions.

Step 3: the last step is to select the "Enabled" radio button.

  • When SSO is enabled, new invitations for users to join your site will default to having SSO selected for that user.
  • Existing users will not yet be affected by the SSO configurations. To update existing users to require them to start using SSO, follow the steps outlined below.