What are all the filters on the Account Dashboard?

Your accounts dashboard provides an overview of all customer accounts managed by Recurly. From this view you can search by first name, last name, email address, account code and more. The filters on this view allow you to drill into accounts by different categories. Categories overlap and are not necessarily distinct, e.g. the
Open filter will return both Non-subscribers and Subscribers.


OPEN: Accounts that aren't Closed.


NON-SUBSCRIBERS: Open accounts with no active, canceled, or future subscriptions.


SUBSCRIBERS: Open accounts with at least one active or canceled subscription.


IN TRIAL: Subscribers with at least one active or canceled subscription in trial mode.


PAST DUE: Subscribers with an invoice in the past-due state.


NON-RENEWING: Subscribers that won't renew after the current term


FUTURE: Subscribers with a subscription that hasn't yet started.


CLOSED: Accounts that aren't Open.