What data is in the Accounts Receivable Export?

The accounts receivable export identifies customers who have not paid their invoices, as well as the aging of all outstanding receivables.


Invoice Status Filter



All invoices which are not yet paid.



Invoices which are not yet due. This will be restricted to manual invoices.



Invoices which have not been paid and are past due.



Invoices which have been marked as failed or not been collected during the Dunning period.



ACH transactions in processing state.


Time Range Filter



Invoices that were created during selected time range



Invoices that were modified during selected time range

Export Contents

Column Name Example Description
invoice_id 336e028b12345b00b60b7845438d18b1 Invoice ID is a unique identifier for invoices within Recurly. This This id is also used in Invoices -Summary and Adjustments exports.
invoice_number 1001 This number is used on the invoice through the admin console.
account_code Smith Account_code uniquely identifies your customers inside of Recurly. This field defaults to email address, if no specific value is provided. Account_code cannot be modified. This is the main Recurly identifier, and can be used to join multiple exports.
account_first_name Eric Customer first name from the account associated with the invoice.
account_last_name Schmidt Customer last name from the account associated with the invoice.
account_company Bluth Industries, Inc. Optional, this field identifies the company name provided.
account_email test@example.com Optional, Email address provided by the customer during signup. This email address is used for all customer communication. If no email address is provided, the customer will not be emailed, and any emails will be sent to your site's billing contact instead.
account_phone 123-456-7890 Optional, customer phone number.
billed_date 2016-01-01 10:17:02 UTC The date on which the invoice was created.
net_terms on-receipt The terms of the invoice.
due_on 2016-01-01 10:17:02 UTC The date on which an invoice is due.
status failed Current status of the invoice. Equivalent to invoice_state in the Adjustments export.
collection_method automatic The method of collection for the invoice. This will be populated with "automatic" or "manual."
days_overdue 12 A whole number of days that the invoice is overdue. If the invoice is not overdue, this field will be zero.
currency USD  3-character ISO code for the currency on the invoice.
po_number 1234 The PO number from the invoice.
closed_date 2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTC If applicable, the date the invoice was closed. (failed or paid)
modified_at 2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTC The date the invoice was last modified (includes updating payment status).
invoice_subtotal 136.78 The subtotal amount of the invoice. When the tax, discount, and credits are added, this will be the total amount.
invoice_total 345.67  The total amount of the invoice
invoice_tax_amount 123.45 The total tax amount from the invoice.
invoice_discount_amount 144.58 The total discount amount from the invoice.
category 31-60 days overdue A bucketed system to measure the aging of receivables and past due invoices. Invoices which are not yet due will be marked current, and the past due invoices will be grouped by how long they are overdue.
invoice_credits 144.58 The amount of credits on a given invoice.
invoice_balance 50.25 The balance of the invoice.
This column will be null until Recurly's Credit Invoices feature is enabled on your Recurly site.
invoice_balance_modified_at 2016-05-18 11:17:07 UTC The datetime the invoice_balance last changed due to a transaction or credit payment.
This column will be null until Recurly's Credit Invoices feature is enabled on your Recurly site.