What additional exports are available for unique codes?

Coupon Redemptions

The Coupon Redemptions export will answer which bulk unique codes have been redeemed and who they were redeemed by.

  • coupon_code will show the unique code redeemed
  • coupon_type will be "bulk" for a unique code and "single code" for a regular one code coupon

See the details of this export in our Coupon Redemptions export documentation.


Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes

The Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes export will provide a full list of all unique codes for a bulk coupon, as well as the redemption information for any unique codes that have been redeemed. You can access this export from the Coupon Overview page by clicking "Export" at the top right of the page.

See the details of this export in our Coupons - Bulk Unique Codes documentation.