How do Automated Exports work?

Recurly provides the option to schedule all of our exports ahead of time and retrieve them via the API without needing to log into the admin console to retrieve your exports.


This solution is a good option for businesses that maintain their own data warehouse and want to automate the process of aligning their data warehouse with the data available from Recurly. Some of this data is available via the Recurly API but exports generally provide a broader set of attributes about each object than what is available via each API object.



  • This feature is only available to sites on our Professional or Enterprise plans
  • Sites in sandbox mode may try out this feature but will no longer be able to access configured exports in production unless they are on the Professional or Enterprise Plans.
  • Export schedules configured in sandbox will continue to run once a site is moved into production on Professional or Enterprise plans. Users will not have to re-configure export schedules.


  • Automated Export configurations can be set up and deleted via the admin console under the "Integrations" section of the navigation. This "Automated Exports" UI is only available to users with the "Integrations" role.
  • Configured automated exports will NOT be accessible via the Automated Exports UI. Once export schedules are set up, daily exports must be retrieved via the Recurly API. See below for more details about how to access that data.

New Versions

  • New versions of an export will be made available via the Automated Exports configuration but your configured export will not automatically update to the newest version.
  • In order to bump versions of an export, simply delete the existing export's configuration and re-add it using the newest version

Details about the data made available

  • Every export available via the "Exports" section of the admin console can be scheduled via automated exports.
  • The service runs nightly at around midnight in your site timezone and includes YESTERDAY's data from each export you choose to receive . 
    ** The same time range filters (ex: modified_at, created_at, etc.) available via the Export UI are available for each export type via Automated Exports. For example - you may receive subscriptions modified yesterday AND subscriptions created yesterday.
  • The status filters (i.e. account status, invoice status, subscription status) available on the Exports UI are not available via Automated Exports. The service is meant to provide the entire data set, not a partial set.

Accessing the Data

  • In order to retrieve the data exports, merchants will use their private API key to poll an endpoint on the Recurly API.
    The API will return XML with a signed URL. This secure URL is active for only 60 minutes and will provide access to a secure location where the data exports will be stored. This process should be done for each export configured
  • We recommend that customers poll the specified endpoints approximately 2 hours after the exports have run to see if data is ready for download. If the export is not available for download, you will receive a 404 response until it is fully uploaded and available.