What are some coupon examples?

First Month Free

Create a coupon that fully discounts the first month.

  • Discount: 100%
  • Duration: Single Use

Does your plan have a free trial and a setup fee?
Coupon redemptions will not discount a free trial invoice unless there is a setup fee and the coupon is a fixed amount discount. If you are using a fixed amount discount on a plan that has a trial and a setup fee, you will want to use a limited time duration of 1 Month, instead of Single Use. A 1 Month duration will discount both the setup fee and the first month.


Multiple Billing Cycles Discounted

Create a coupon that discounts multiple billing cycles.

  • Duration: Limited time (match period to your plan's term length)

Note: If the discount is Fixed Amount and the eligible charges on the invoice are less than the discount amount, the remainder of the discount will not be carried over to future invoices.