What is the Subscriber Retention Report?

Utilize cohort analysis to evaluate paid subscriber retention rates over time.


Subscriber Retention

The Subscriber Retention Report is a cohort analysis looking at retention (and churn) over time for each group of paying subscribers that signed up in a given month.

What's included in the report?

  • The sign-up month is the month in which a NEW subscriber has an invoice paid >$0. A subscriber with a $0 subscription invoice OR whose first invoice >$0 is past due will not be included. In other words, the customer has to have successfully paid their invoice for the subscription for them to be counted in the "Paying Subscriber" cohort.

  • Subscriptions in trial or subscriptions that have been paid for by a previously purchased gift card are NOT included in this report*.

  • If an existing subscriber purchases a new subscription, it will not impact this report.

  • A subscriber is considered retained if they are still an active subscriber with at least 1 subscription. Conversely, a customer is considered churned when their only or last subscription has expired. A paused subscription is NOT considered churned.

    • At this time, this report does include returning subscribers (i.e. subscribers who churn completely and then return at a later date. Please see the "Subscribers" report for information about returning subscribers.
  • A subscriber is counted in the retention for month 0 if they have remained a customer for one full month from the date of sign up. For example, if John signs up on November 14th and leaves before December 14th, he is counted as churning in Month 0.

  • Subsequently, a subscriber who signs up on November 14th and leaves before January 14th is counted as having churned in Month 1.

  • When this report is filtered by Plan, the data shown is the retention of a subscriber whose first subscription was part of that Plan. If a subscriber changes plans at a later date or adds another subscription, it will not impact this report.

Ways to use
This cohort analysis chart is useful for understanding how your subscribers have changed over time. It can help you answer questions like:

  • Am I improving my monthly subscriber retention rate over time?
  • Are there seasonal trends or other events (coupons, marketing campaigns) that have impacted my subscriber retention?