How do I generate a manual invoice?


  1. (Optional) If customer’s account is not already created, create an account at
  2. You can add account level address information that will be carried over to all invoices
  3. Click Add Subscription on the customer’s account
  4. Configure the customer’s subscription plan
  5. Under “Billing Details” click Edit
  6. Set Collection Terms (see below)
  7. Customer communication will be sent based on the outcome of the collection terms and payment attempt. If you select Invoice, the customer will get both a new subscription and a new invoice email (current product behavior combines the new subscription email with the initial invoice).

One off Invoices

  1. On an existing account, add any charges you'd like to bill the customer for using the "Add Charge" button on the account screen
  2. Once you're ready to invoice the customer hit the "Generate Invoice..." button at the top of the customers account page
  3. On the lefthand side you'll see a drop down for collection method, select Manual
  4. Enter a PO number if the customer had requested one, select your net terms, then click Create Invoice