If a coupon has expired, you can restore the coupon in order to make it redeemable again. If the coupon has reached it's maximum redemptions or the redeem by date, you must edit those fields before the coupon can be restored. You can edit all other editable fields in the restore action.

  • Internal Name
  • Maximum Redemptions
  • Redeem By date
  • Redemptions Per Account
  • Payment Page Description
  • Invoice Description (not applicable to free trial coupons)

To restore a coupon, visit the coupons dashboard and find the coupon you want to restore in the Expired Coupons table. Click on the coupon's internal name. This will take you to the coupon's overview page where you will see a Restore button in the top right corner. Click Restore and you will be taken to the restore page for the coupon. Edit the fields you want to change and click Restore Coupon.

Note: We do not store a history of changes, so you will not see what the coupon fields were before you changed them. Invoice Description will not update on already created invoices, but will be updated on new invoices created after the change.

Bulk Coupons

Bulk coupons with all unique codes redeemed will be considered Expired in the UI, even though their true status is active in the API. In this case, you will be asked to add additional unique codes to the bulk coupon in order to restore the coupon through the UI.

  • Bulk coupons are treated as expired in the UI when all unique codes are redeemed because they technically cannot be redeemed and we would like to reflect them as such in your Coupon tables.
  • Bulk coupons require two separate API calls to be created. One to create the bulk coupon and one to generate the unique codes. We need to keep the status of the bulk coupon active when there are no redeemable unique codes so you can hit the generate unique codes endpoint without having to restore the bulk coupon each time. This is important for merchants who only want to create unique codes on the fly when a customer initiates a redemption request.
  • If there are expired unique codes within the bulk coupon campaign, the bulk coupon will never expire if the remaining codes are all redeemed. The coupon will only expire if you manually expire the campaign or if the max redemptions or redeem by date are reached.

To restore a unique code within a bulk coupon campaign, find the bulk coupon's overview page and select "Restore Code" in the right hover actions in the row of the unique code.