Redeemable coupons can be edited to change display text or redemption rules. We do not allow you to edit any coupon attributes that would affect active redemptions currently on a customer's account. These are the coupon fields that can be edited after the coupon is created:

  • Internal Name
  • Maximum Redemptions
  • Redeem By date
  • Redemptions Per Account
  • Payment Page Description
  • Invoice Description (not applicable to free trial coupons)

To edit a coupon, visit the coupons dashboard and find the coupon you want to edit in the Redeemable Coupons table. Click on the coupon's internal name. This will take you to the coupon's overview page where you will see an Edit button in the top right corner. Click Edit and you will be taken to the edit page for the coupon. Edit the fields you want to change and click Save Changes.

Note: We do not store a history of changes, so you will not see what the coupon fields were before you changed them. Invoice Description will not update on already created invoices, but will be updated on new invoices created after the change.