By default, coupons redeemed on an account will discount any subscription on the account that is for a plan the coupon discounts. We call this "Account-level". You can now select "Subscription-level" and require the coupon to be tied to one specific subscription on the account, making sure the discount is only applied to that subscription. Free trial coupons can only be subscription-level, so this section does not appear if the coupon type is free trial.


  • Coupon redemptions will discount all subscriptions for eligible plans on an account.
  • If a subscription is terminated, active coupon redemptions on the account will remain active on the account.


  • Coupon redemptions will only discount one specific subscription on an account. Even if the coupon is configured to have unlimited redemptions, you can only redeem a unique subscription-level coupon once on a given subscription.
  • Coupons must be redeemed on existing subscriptions or redeemed within the creation of a new subscription on the account. Free trial coupons can only be redeemed within the creation of a new subscription on the account.
  • If a subscription is terminated or changed to an ineligible plan, associated subscription-level coupon redemptions that are still active on the account will be removed from the account.
  • A subscription can have more than one subscription-level coupon redemption tied to it.
  • Coupon redemptions tied to a subscription will have the grey italicized words "Subscription-level" under the internal name of the coupon in the Coupon Redemptions table on the Account
  • Subscriptions on the account will show a list of coupon redemptions that are tied to the subscription. Active redemptions are shown on the main account page in the subscription module. The specific subscription page will include a Coupon Redemptions table that is filtered to only show coupon redemptions associated with the subscription.

Using Subscription-level for Gift Subscriptions
Gift subscriptions often create multiple subscriptions on an account. Subscription-level coupons allow the merchant to restrict the discount to only the Gifter's subscription, or only the Giftee's subscription. For example, you may give a customer a discount for subscribing for the first time, but you want to make sure they don't get the same discount automatically on the next subscription they purchase.

Subscription-level Redemptions in an Upgrade or Downgrade
If you want to tie a Subscription-level coupon to an upgrade or downgrade only, you can redeem the coupon on the Edit Subscription page for the customer. This is necessary if the coupon is only eligible for the new plan the customer is moving to because you will not be able to redeem the coupon on the current version of the subscription.

We only allow coupon redemptions on the Edit Subscription page if the subscription change is effective "Immediately" and if you change something about the subscription that will result in an invoice. We will not allow you to only redeem the coupon. We don't allow coupon redemptions with "On next renewal" changes because it could cause a conflict with any Maximum Redemption rules for the campaign or the account.

Removing subscription-level Redemptions
To remove a Subscription-level coupon from a subscription, you must remove the coupon from the account altogether. We do not allow you to associate the coupon redemption with a different subscription once the coupon has been redeemed and tied to a subscription.

How Discount Level Affects Redemption Duration
Say you give a customer a 3 month duration coupon to Plan A as a thank you for signing up. The customer gets the first month's discount on their Subscription A and then terminates their subscription. The customer then comes back a few days later and subscribes to Subscription A again on the same account.

  • Account-level coupons would have kept the coupon redemption active on the account for the full 3 months duration. This means that the customer would have received the discount again when they subscribed a second time.
  • Subscription-level coupons would have expired the coupon redemption on the account at the time the subscription terminated. This means that the customer would not receive a discount when they sign up a second time. They would pay full price.