The duration is the period of time the coupon will discount any eligible purchases by the customer. Duration starts when the customer redeems the coupon. Once the duration has ended, the coupon is inactive on the customer's account and will no longer discount an invoice. Free trial coupons can only be single use, so this section does not appear if the discount type is free trial.

There are three duration choices: Forever, Single Use and Limited Time:

  • Forever - A recurring discount that will be applied to each billing cycle until manually removed from the account.

  • Single Use - Percent and fixed amount coupons: A single invoice discount. Once redeemed, single use percent and fixed-amount coupons will be applied to the next invoice that includes eligible charges, and will go inactive immediately afterward. Single Use coupons will not be applied to free trial invoices unless the plan has a setup fee and the coupon is a fixed amount.

  • Single Use - Free trial coupons: Free trial coupons can only be single-use because once they are redeemed, free trial coupons create a custom free trial on the new subscription and then the redemption expires.

    Note: If you wish to use a fixed amount coupon on a non-trial invoice for a plan with a free trial and a setup fee, you must use one with a Forever or Limited Time duration.

    These coupons will also not apply to new charges if the customer upgrades or downgrades mid billing cycle.

  • Limited Time - A recurring discount that is only valid for a specified number of days, weeks, months or years. The coupon will discount any invoices generated during the lifespan of the coupon. We recommend you select a period that matches the length of the subscription for the eligible plans included in the coupon. Limited lifespan coupons will automatically expire one hour prior to the anniversary of their redemption.