What type of discounts can I create?

The discount can be a fixed amount, percentage, or free trial. For fixed amount coupons, if you are collecting payments in multiple currencies, you will see the option to specify a different fixed amount for each currency.

  • A fixed amount coupon redemption will apply the currency that matches the invoice.
  • See How are coupons applied? for information on how fixed amount and percentage discounts are applied to line items.
  • Free trial coupons require that you define how long the associated free trial should be. When doing so, be sure that the length specified is the full length of the free trial that you want customers to receive when they redeem the coupon. For example, if you have a plan with a 1 week free trial, and you want to offer a coupon that gives new subscribers a total of 1 month free trial, then the length of the free trial coupon should be 1 month.