What are Analytics Settings and how do I access?

Recurly provides several Analytics configuration options to ensure the Analytics reports are most relevant to your business. You can access these options in Analytics Settings, available under the “Configuration and Settings” navigation bar or via your Analytics Dashboard.

Analytics settings are only available to users with the “Configurations and Integrations” user role.

Currently, Analytics Settings provides the following configuration options:


Time Zone

Users with Settings and Configuration access can change the SITE time zone that calculates Analytics reports on the Analytics Settings page. If no site time zone is set, it will default to UTC. The time zone will directly impact the data that is included in the daily, weekly and monthly intervals in each Analytics report for ALL analytics users.

Reports and Metrics impacted: ALL


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Calculation

Option 1: Include or remove coupon discounts from the MRR calculation

  • Percentage or fixed amount off coupons are applied to charge line items before tax is calculated. If that charge line item is a RECURRING charge, it will be included in MRR. You now have the option of whether or not to include a coupon discount on a recurring charge in the MRR calculation. By including coupon discounts, your MRR will be lower.
  • Default = INCLUDE coupon discounts

Option 2: Include or remove recurring charges from failed invoices in the MRR calculation

  • All recurring charges are included in the MRR calculation at the time a recurring charge is created and the customer is billed. But, if the customer does not pay the invoice, it will go into dunning and ultimately fail.
  • You have the option of whether or not charges from invoices that fail should be removed from your site’s MRR calculation.
  • If you remove charges from failed invoices , your site’s historic MRR values will change at the time the invoice fails (i.e. an invoice is created with $100 line item with a date of Nov 1st - Dec 1st. The invoice for these charges fails on Jan 1st. On Jan 1st, the $100 will be removed from your MRR calculation from Nov 1st - Dec 1st)
  • If you include failed invoices, your site’s historic MRR will NOT change. You can calculate failed invoices separately as “bad debt” using the “Invoices”- Summary Export.
  • Default = INCLUDE failed invoices in the MRR calculation.

Reports and Metrics impacted:

  • Current MRR on the Dashboard
  • Subscriber LTV on the Dashboard (MRR is used to calculate LTV)
  • MRR
  • MRR Growth
  • MRR & MRR Growth in Plan Performance