What are fixed amount discounts?

Fixed amount discounts will apply the specified amount across all eligible charges on the invoice, starting with the first subscription line item.

  • If the fixed amount discount is larger than the eligible charges on the invoice, the remaining discount will not be returned to the coupon redemption and will not carry over to other invoices.
  • Fixed amount discounts will discount plan setup fees. If you want to create a coupon that only discounts a setup fee, create a Single Use coupon with a Fixed Amount that equals or is less than the setup fee amount. Since the setup fee is always the first subscription line item on the invoice, the fixed amount discount will start with that line item and will not be large enough to extend to other line items.
  • One-time charges are listed before subscription charges on the invoice, but are discounted after subscription charges. If you have a coupon that discounts both subscription and one-time charges, and a fixed amount discount that is less than the total subscription charges, it will not discount the one-time charges on the invoice.

Fixed Amount Discount Example
Coupon is for $20.00 off Plan A. Plan A has a plan fee of $15.00 and an add-on of $7.00. The resulting invoice would have these discounts:

  • Plan A - Plan fee of $15.00 will get a full discount of ($15.00)
  • Plan A - Add-on of $7.00 will get a discount of ($5.00), since there was only $5.00 remaining on the coupon redemption
  • The total discount on the invoice is ($20.00)
  • The customer pays $2.00